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The 12th annual ATIHC


Ok, here we go! The 12th annual ATIHC was dedicated in the memory of my good friend Troy Switzer this year and took place under perfect conditions!

The last two years have been financially tough on nearly everybody, and local tournaments have suffered just as well with attendance being down quite a bit.

All in all, we still managed a decent 29 boats for this years tourny, and once all were in place it was time to get things rolling. We started with the traditional bridge photo shot in which we try to get the group of boats huddled together prior to role call and the start.

This year we had Frank "MoBetta" as well as his son Nate as our tournament photographers..... Thanks Nate & Frank!!

A shot of most of the teams right as we are about to make our way out of the channel.


The start was really fun for me to watch again, as once we get to outside the channel entrance and make our turn North, it is just totally cool watching all the boats gun it forward running to their first chosen spot to fish. Some guys gun it inside, while others are running it wide to the outside, all with the hopes of getting to their spot and getting it done!

The goal in this tournament has always been to put together an ongoing group of repeat teams and anglers, all getting to know one another over the years and going out and having a good time while still putting on your game face and trying to win a little $$.

It didn't take too long for things to get started as Team "Mad Lamb" was the first to call in a boated fish. Mad Lamb captained by Adi Ljubovic called in his fish at 7:00am.

Another hour and a half would pass before the next fish was called in, and that fish went to Team "Libre" captained by Tony Sanfillipo, as he called in their first fish at 8:35am. Team Libre seemed to have been in a good zone as they called in a second boated fish at 8:48am.

Not long after, Team "Zorros Gene" captained by Gary White called in their first boated fish of the day. The bite seemed to be on a pretty consistent role at this point as next up was Team "The Menu" captained by John Pye, calling in their first boated fish at 9:30am.

45 minutes would pass before we had another boated fish, and that went again to Team "The Menu" as they called in their second fish at 10:15am ,yet was quickly followed right away by Team "Mad Lamb" calling in his second fish also at 10:15am.

Another hour would pass before we saw the next boated fish, which went to Team "The Menu", as John called in their 3rd fish at 11:20am..... Team "The Menu" had definitely found their zone it seemed, but would their fish be big enough to take it?? Time would tell.

Not to be outdone, and no stranger when it comes to tournaments, Team "Tail Chasers" captained by Leo Turner finally got into the game and boated their first fish at 12:25pm.

The final fish to be called in to Team "Mad Lamb" at 12:50pm, as once again Adi connected with another, making this his third boated fish of the day. Both "Mad Lamb" and The Menu" had three boated fish, along with Team Libre who put two fish on the deck.

Here are the results and the pictures......

First Place, $1000 - Sponsored by San Diego Boats, went to Team "Mad Lamb" with a 33.3lb Halibut - Captain Adi Ljubovic, Angler Adi Ljubovic - Note: Mad Lamb was also entered into all of the side jackpots and won the additional amounts $20 JP - $330, $30 JP - $450, $50 JP $788, $75 JP $1125 - Total JPs = $2693
1st Place + all JPs


Adi with his first place fish


Adi with his third place fish


Second Place, $500 - Sponsored by Dana Landing MB, went to Team "Tail Chasers" with a 28.1lb Halibut. Captain Leo Turner, Angler Chris Letourneau
Chris weighing in his fish


Team Tail Chasers with their 28.1lb Butt


Third Place, $300 - Sponsored by BD/FishDope, went to Team "Mad Lamb" with a 25.5lb Halibut - Captain Adi Ljubovic, Angler Adi Ljubovic


Fourth Place, $200 - Sponsored by Berkley, went to Team "The Menu" with a 13.4lb Halibut - Captain John Pye, Angler John Pye

Team "The Menu"


Some random additional photos:


group shot


Adi with his two top fish!

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