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Congratulations to All of the 2008 ATIHC Winners!

The 9th annual “After Thanksgiving Invitational Halibut Classic" took place Saturday, November 29th under near perfect conditions. This year, 48 teams participated and a record 30 legal Halibut were called into tournament control.

The morning started off with our first place sponsor “Team Defiance” and Eco Fishing Adventures calling in the 1st fish of the day at 7:43am, followed shortly after by team Blood Vessel calling in a fish at 7:47am.  It took nearly an hour before the next fish was called in by team Fire Escape at 8:33am, only to be followed again by Team Defiance/Eco Fishing Adventures calling in their second fish at 9:13am.  From that point, hook-ups were called in pretty consistently throughout the day.

First place, sponsored by Defiance Boats/California Offshore Marine, went to Team SlaughterHouse with a huge 41.5lb flattie, which earned them $1500 for 1st place. SlaughterHouse covered the board and was entered into all of the side jackpots which earned them an additional $3590, giving them a grand total of $5090!!

Second place, sponsored by Chingon Custom Metal Fabrication, went to none other than Team Boom Zing with their 29lb flattie and earned them $500.

Third Place and $300, sponsored by Dana Landing & Market, went to Team Lucky Lei with their 24lb flattie.

Fourth Place and $200, sponsored by FishDope, went to Team Defiance Boats/Eco Fishing Adventures with their 22.8lb flattie.

Thank you all for your continued support and participation!  We look forward to seeing you next year.

After Thanksgiving Invitational Halibut Classic

Mike Petersen and Crew

Team Defiance/Eco Fishing Adventures

2008 Photo Gallery - Click on photo below to view.

2008/Bridgeshot.jpg 2008/144.jpg 2008/141.jpg 2008/140.jpg
2008/137.jpg 2008/129.jpg 2008/125.jpg 2008/123.jpg
2008/119.jpg 2008/115.jpg 2008/111.jpg 2008/110.jpg
2008/104.jpg 2008/096.jpg 2008/093.jpg 2008/091.jpg
2008/6163.JPG 2008/6160.JPG 2008/6158.JPG 2008/6156.JPG
2008/6147.JPG 2008/6132.JPG 2008/6124.JPG 2008/6121.JPG
2008/6119.JPG 2008/6118.JPG 2008/6115.JPG 2008/6113.JPG
2008/6112.JPG 2008/6110.JPG 2008/6109.JPG 2008/6100.JPG
2008/6099.JPG 2008/6097.JPG 2008/6096.JPG 2008/6090.JPG
2008/6089.JPG 2008/6088.JPG 2008/6086.JPG 2008/6083.JPG
2008/6077.JPG 2008/6071.JPG 2008/6057.JPG 2008/6068.JPG
2008/6055.JPG 2008/6051.JPG

2008 Teams

At EZThomas Hartman20' Trophy
Bad FishAnthony Betancur21' Triumph
Barely LegalRandall Loomis21' Parker
Blood VesselLou Haden24' Trophy
Boiler MakerJerry Laszczak17' Bayrunner
Boom ZingRon Tinney16' Glaspar
BuonafortunaJesse Silva26' Striper
Cabo 22Frank Smithey22' Cabo
ChingonRamon Cazares20' Custom
Chum SlickErnie Archuleta24' Cobia 
Crowell PatrolRandy Crowell22' Glastron
DefianceRob Sandford 25' Defiance
Dos LocosChris Bush21' Parker
Fire EscapeJeff Zachry26' Blackman
Fish FetishBob Lyman21' Bayliner
Getting JiggyRolly Lira20' Trophy
Glory HullMichael Ehlers23' Parker
HurricaneDean Herrera26' Striper
Into the MysticEdward Cardoos26' SkipJack
Jolly MonTim Sarjeant25' Wellcraft
LipripperTony Gilbert22' Sea Pro
Lucky LeiJoe Prazak19' Glaspar
Mad LambAdi Ljubovic25' Sea Fox
Mattanza IRick Cardenas22' Shamrock
MiVidaBob Nichol21' Angler
Mrs SeaJoey Costantino20' Blackman
NefariousDaniel Erickson23' Triumph
NotayaugtTony Souza
Phat MattMatt Stabley22' Edgewater
Produce ManJay Parkinson17' Invader
RicochetTroy Switzer20' Kencraft
Sea GoatBill Louthen22' Defiance
Shine RunnerJim Paul25' Defiance
SlaughterhouseGary Lamoureux19' Edgewater
Sling ShotShawn Turner22' Celebrity
Slot MachinePatrick Barnett23' Keywest
Sunday MagicPete Shaw19' Triton
Tail ChasersLeo Turner18' Stringari
The HalibutRuben Valdez18' Sea Nymph
The HookJohn Frazer21' Sea Pro
The MenuJohn Pie24' SkipJack
Topwater DawgKenny Spears22' Bayliner
Tuna JihadBrant Crenshaw27' World Cat
UnreelBehdad Khojasteh24' SkipJack
WahineJeff Cozzolino21' Penn Yann
Warp DriveFrank Swietlik28' Pearson
WasabeWayne Kutow
WronseaDon Wroncy21' Sea Pro

2008 Sponsors


EB Bait Co
Baja Directions
Hannibal Offshore

For Questions/Comments call Mike Petersen (858) 483-3579 or  cell (858) 952-4635  e-mail info@halibutclassic.com