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*A few boats missing, but the majority of the group huddling up for the morning shot.*
Friday November 26th was the 17th year of the Annual After Thanksgiving Halibut Classic Tournament! It's become a bit of a tradition for quite a few now, and although the attendance was much lower this year, it was still a good fun group of people going out, getting together and enjoying what we are blessed to have in our own backyard.

Ok, so on to the serious stuff LOL. The teams checked in early morning, then baited up at EB, and shot back in front of Ventura Bridge for the traditional group boat photos taken from the bridge by Frank Price and his son Nate....... huge thanks to them for an awesome job every year!!!

*Team Boom Zing*


*Team Tail Chasers*

*Team El Fuego*

I was able to get the start going just a tad earlier this year, and the start took place at 6:17am. Boats headed out to the Mission Bay Channel and bent it North to run to their chosen destinations in what looked to be really nice conditions early on.

The first team to call in a boated fish this year was team Radar, as they radioed in their catch at 7:24am with the angler being Bob Hargraves. Next on board would be team Boundless, as they radioed in their caught fish at 8:45am, with angling honors going to Jon Fitchett.

Team Seaker wasn't having any of this, and decided they would get in the game as well, and just 10 minutes after Team Boundless boated theirs, Team Seaker got their name on the chart as well. Seaker called in their boated fish at 8:55am, with the angler being Thomas Lamuntagne.

So by 9am, we had 3 boated fish called in...... not a bad start for Flattie fishing. But as halibut fishing sometimes can do, it suddenly got very quiet for the next 4 hours, which probably could be partially due to the wind picking up a bit, and teams adjusting their game plans.

The last and final fish boated in the tournament would go to Team Boundless once again, as they managed to squeak out a second fish, and called it in to tournament control at 1:07pm. That right there would be all she wrote for boated fish in the 17th annual Halibut Classic.

Here is a look at how it went down, and a look at some numbers.

Boated fish

1. 7:24am Team Radar - Angler Bob Hargraves - 27" 6.9lbs - 3rd
2. 8:45am Team Boundless - Angler Jon Fitchett - 22" 4.3lbs - 4th
3. 8:55am Team Seaker - Angler Thomas Lamuntagne - 29" 10.7lbs - 1st
4. 1:07am Team Boundless - Angler Mark Minelich - 30" 10.4lbs - 2nd

Now here is where it gets interesting, as Team Seaker was only entered in the $20 & $30 jackpots, and Team Boundless was entered in all Jps, so that meant that Team Seaker would take 1st and the $20 & $30 side Jps which in total amounted to $$1522.

* 1st Place Team Seaker *

1st through 4th payouts had to be adjusted due to attendance, and had this been last year (which was still a low year from past years) Seaker would have took home $2022.

So now we have Team Boundless, who took 2nd plus the $50 and $75 Jps, as well as 4th place. With their 2nd Place win plus the 50 & 75 Jps, Boundless took home $1700 Jps + $500 cash & Gift cert for a total of $2200 for 2nd Place.

* Vinny writing out the checks*


Next up, 3rd Place went to Team Radar who took home $200 + $100 Dana Landing gift cert. 4th Place went to Boundless, who took home a $100 gift cert.

There was no rain the entire tournament, but once it got to weigh-in time, the rain slowly started, so it pretty much limited the photos to very few. I never did get a shot of Team Radar and their fish, nor were we able to get weigh-in board shots or the check shots (with the exception of Team Boundless) like we always do.

Once again, to all you teams that participated in the tournament this year, thank you so much!! To all the sponsors who I will mention later, thank you as well!! Also some of you guys who fish this and kick down prizes as well...... I can't thank you all enough, as rounding up prizes and giveaways is always a bit tough for me...... I always feel like a beggar! LOL

And I can't forget Frank and his son Nate for always being there and taking these great shots!! If you really like a shot of your boat, then give Frank a shout.

I'll add more pictures later, but I need to crash now...... tomorrow is a work day :(

That's it guys, hope to see you next year!!!



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