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Ok, finally got a few minutes to sneek in this report while the girls are playing wii!

This year was the 14th year of the AFTER THANKSGIVING HALIBUT CLASSIC! we saw 24 teams compete this year which was down due to the last minute decision to throw the tournament this year, but all in all it was still a pretty awesome group of teams and just a really fun day on the water.

We saw great conditions this year, with beautiful clear skies and great weather! All the teams huddled up for the group photo which was taken by Frank "MoBetta" and his son Nate, and then we proceeded with a very quick rules briefing and the morning role call. Right after that it was the slow start out the MB channel at which the teams then gunned it to their first chosen destination! This part just never gets old for me, as it's just a blast watching all the teams heading out the channel and then blasting off in hopes of getting that pig of a flattie to take their bait.

With what was showing to be very good conditions and a pretty good tide swing, I honestly thought it would get going much quicker than it did, but as it turned out, over 3 hours went by before the first boated halibut was called in. Those honors went to team "KARIBIK", as they radioed in their boated fish at 9:36am, with the angler being Jose Sanchez. It wouldn't be until nearly two hours later when the next boated fish was called into Tournament Control, and this one went to Team "BOOM ZING" and angler Jim Kaye, as they radioed in their fish at 11:22am.

Next Team up to the plate was Team "HARVEY B III, as Team Captain Cameron Bingham called in a boated fish at 11:52am for angler Cole Chivira. The fourth fish of the day went to last years winners and BDs own Tail Chasers, as they radioed in their fish at 12:40pm with angling honors going to Chris LeTourneau. It would only be 10 minutes later before Team Zorros Gene decided they wanted in on the game, as they called in their fish at 12:50pm, with the angler being Team Captain Gary White. Team "Zorros Gene" decided one just wasn't enough and called in their second fish at 1:24pm, and this time the angler was Doug Dodgen.

The last and final fish of the day went once again to Team "HARVEY B III, with the angler being Cameron Bingham, and the fish being called in at 1:37pm.

That was all she wrote, as it was a pretty scratch day of halibut fishing, although we did see some nice fish! The weigh-in was pretty cool and quite suspenseful, as all the fish are kept in kill bags or coolers and weighed in at the order in which they were caught. It is kept completely quiet and hush by all teams and anglers, as we ask them all to NOT give away anything about the size of the fish, as it makes it much more fun at the weigh-ins...... and this years weigh-in was pretty good the way it went.

Thanks once again to all of you guys for continuing to do this tournament!!! I honestly hope to see a whole bunch of the pasts years participants for next years 15th year of the ATIHC! Mark it down, cause the 15th is going to be special!!

The unknown fisherman:p:

Morning line-up of Teams Waiting to be claimed
(BELOW) Partial view of just a few of the teams before heading out

(BELOW)Talking it up before Morning Role Call. Top Left, Team - Tail Chasers, Top Right, Team Sea-Ker. Bottom Left Team Zorros Gene, Bottom Right Team EZ Access


(BELOW)Team - Sea Goat

Below is the list of teams who caught fish and the sizes and weights of each fish.

1. 9:36am Team "KARIBIK" Angler - Jose Sanchez - Captain - Rafael Sanchez - 28" - 9.6lbs - Drift

2. 11:22am Team "BOOM ZING" Angler - Jim Kaye - Captain - Ron Tinney - 36" - 18.7lbs - Bounceball

3. 11:52am Team "HARVEY B III Angler - Cole Chivira - Captain - Cameron Bingham - 39" 27.6lbs - Drift

4. 12:40pm Team "Tail Chasers" Angler - Chris LeTourneau - Captain - Leo Turner - 23" 4.1lbs - Drift

5. 12:50pm Team "Zorros Gene" Angler - Gary White - Captain - Gary White - 39.5" 28.1lbs - Drift

6. 1:24pm Team "Zorros Gene" Angler - Doug Dodgen - Captain - Gary White - 36.5" 19.4lbs - Drift

7. Team "HARVEY B III" Angler - Cameron Bingham - Captain - Cameron Bingham - 35" 17.4lbs - Drift

Payouts had to be slightly adjusted this year due to the amount of teams, and were as follows:

Payouts to the teams went like this.....

Team "Zorros Gene" took $1000 for first place and $250 for third place, plus they were entered into all the side Jackpots which was an additional $2707, for a total of $3957

 Team Harvey B III & Angler Cole Chavira with his 2nd place 27.6lb Halibut
 Team "HARVEY B III" took second place for $500

A few of the fish...
Team Boom Zing & Angler Jim Kaye with his 4th place 18.7lb Halibut
Team "Boom Zing" Took 4th place for $100 gift certificate at Dana Landing.