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The "AFTER THANKSGIVING INVITATIONAL HALIBUT CLASSIC" with title sponsor San Diego Boats, took place this past Saturday on November 24th 2012. 34 teams competed in what was the 13th year of the ATIHC


The morning check-in greeted us with foggy conditions, which made the traditional group photo taken from atop Ventura Bridge a bit tough for Frank Price aka MoBetta. He was still able to get a shot of just a small group of the overall 34 teams........ the thick morning fog was just another first in all 13 years of the tournament, although once we all headed out of the channel it wasn't all that bad at all.

Morning Bridge shot of a small portion of teams - Photo Frank Price


Team Mattanza II - Photo Mike Petersen

Photo Frank Price


Morning Fog at Ventura Bridge - Photo Frank Price


Once the start began at aprox 6:30am, it was just a short time later in which the first boated fish was called in at 7:08am by Team Fire Escape and angler Jim Tarantino.

Nearly an hour and a half would go by before Team Tail Chasers called in a boated fish by angler Chris Letourneau at 8:31am. This would soon be followed by another boated fish called in at 8:33am by Team One Way Out with angler honors going to Bubba Newton.

The weather ended up being very nice although the fishing proved to be tough, as teams struggled to get bit. On my boat we were only able to scratch one halibut bite for the entire day, and it just ended up being one of those days where you just hoped to stumble over a solid biter that stuck!

It wasn't until 11:00am that the 4th boated halibut of the tournament was called in by Team Halibut Hunters and angler Austin Pierce, and once again as has often happened in this tournament, another fish is soon to follow as Team Pura Vida radioed in their boated fish by angler Cole Chivara at 11:05am.

It wouldn't be until 1:07pm that the last and final fish would be called into tournament control, and this would be by Team Blind Squirrel and angler Rick Anderson.

That's it in a nutshell, 6 boated fish and what turned out to be a nail biter at the end with all being small cookie cutter fish. It ended up being just ounces separating each placing fish!!

Below is the list of boated fish:
1. FIRE ESCAPE - 7:08am - Jim Tarantino
2. TAIL CHASERS - 8:31am - Chris Letourneau
3. ONE WAY OUT - 8:33am - Bubba Newton
4. HALIBUT HUNTERS - 11:00am - Austin Pierce
5. PURA VIDA - 11:05am - Cole Chivara
6. BLIND SQUIRREL - 1:07pm - Rick Anderson

The placements went as follows:
1st Place - TAIL CHASERS - 26" - 7.4lbs - 1st Place plus ALL Jackpots - $4485
2nd Place - ONE WAY OUT - 26" - 6.9lbs - $500
3rd Place - FIRE ESCAPE - 24 1/4" - 6.1 lbs - $300
4th Place - HALIBUT HUNTERS - 25 3/4" 5.9lbs - $200

2012 Champions, Team Tail Chasers! 1st Place plus ALL side Jackpots * $4485* Congrats Leo, Chris & Tim.....well done!! - Photo Frank Price


Team One Way Out - 2nd Place - $500


Team Fire Escape - 3rd Place - $300


4th Place - Team Halibut Hunters

A HUGE thanks to all the sponsors who continually step up and support this tournament....... MAJOR THANKS!!

Also thanks to all the teams who entered once again this year, as well as the new teams who helped to continue and keep this fun little tradition alive & kicking!!!

Muchos Gracious to all of you, it's always good & fun seeing a bunch of you year after year in this tourney, as that's what it was always about, a solid gathering of teams & friends ending the year by getting together, spending some time on the water and throwing in a little friendly, honest and fun competition with a few going home a little richer than they came.

Thanks Fellas....... hope to see you again next year!!

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