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Saturday, November 30th, 2019
Dana Landing, Mission Bay
2580 Ingraham St.
San Diego, CA 92109

Entry ~ $40/person by 11/20/19 Late Entry $60/person, $70 Day of (cash)
Check in ~ 3:45-5:15 AM left of the Dana Landing launch ramp.
Roll Call ~ 5:30 AM all Boats in water, roll call, announcements and group photo.
Start Time ~ Approximately 6:30 AM 
Weigh In ~ 3:00 PM Deadline for all Teams with fish to be weighed in.
Payouts ~ Cash payouts for 1st through 4th place, possibility of over $1,500 for first.  Determined by paid entries. winners presented with checks and awards approximately 5:00 PM
Side Jackpots~ Optional per boat
$20 Jackpot Pays $680
$30 Jackpot Pays $1,010
$50 Jackpot Pays $1,700
$75 Jackpot Pays $2,550
Total Payout $5,940 Based on 40 boats. More or less based on boat participation.
(model above represents -15% tournament expenses/earnings)
All teams paying for side jackpots on the day of the event will face an additional 10% withdraw fee for any winnings incurred only on those side jackpots that are paid late.


2018 1st Place team, team Vaminos.


Perpetual Trophey

Winning team receives team, angler and captain's name
on perpetual trophy located at Bay Park Fish Co.logo-bay-park.gif

For Questions/Comments call Mike Petersen cell (858) 952-4635  e-mail info@halibutclassic.com